Saturday, December 31, 2005

David Bowie releases a new Live DVD!

David Bowie, the master of glam rock, one of the most important pop/rock personas ever, is back with a new live DVD. This will be a nice christmas gift for the fans of David. David has't released a new studio album for many years.

David Bowie

The DVD will contain material from a live show in Vancouver, at the Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum, on March 13 1983, almost 23 years ago. The release will include live performances of many songs including "Let's Dance" and "White Light/White Heat".

Besides, the fans of the rock star, will be able to download a 4-track EP called Serious Moonlight Live EP featuring "Space Oddity," "China Girl," "Breaking Glass" and "Young Americans" at many e-music stores on February 13!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Pete Townshend announces The Who tour for 2006

The famous guitar hero, Pete Townshend revealed in an internet post that The Who are going to hit the road for a tour in 2006. The band's fans are very happy with that great announcement.

Townshend wrote all these to an online Christmas Eve Diary. He also says that the group will be on tour for the support of the new recorded material (that will give a live album ... someday). The most impressive was that many of the shows will be broadcasted live at the net. A part of the income will be given for charity.

Stay tuned till the announcement of the live dates..

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Details about Radiohead's new album and live dates

Radiohead announced that they will be on tour during the spring. Guitarist Ed O'Brien said "We are going to tour next year, definitely," Ed O'Brien told Zane Lowe on his Radio 1 show last night (December 21). "Hopefully we're going to have a couple of tracks to download by about April or May. But we're going to go out in May, we're going to do some theatres because part of what we're doing is play new material. It's a good way to get your shit together."


The producer of the new album is Mark 'Spike' Stent and O' Brien confirmed that Nigel Godrich, producer of the most significant albums of Radiohead won't be involved with the new record.

Besides O'Brien said that more recording sessions will be held in February!

Monday, December 19, 2005

New Pixies Release!

Pixies are to release a new double live album with the title 'Hey - Pixies Live'. The live album will contain 28 tracks from their reunion gigs of 2004 and 2005. The album is already available on emusic and will be available on other e music stores like itunes (on January 3).

Here is the tracklist:
Disc One:

New Pixies Album'Planet of Sound' (Manchester, England - 8/30/2005)
'Debaser' (Norfolk, Virginia - 12/6/2004)
'Gouge Away' (New York - 12/16/2004)
'Ed Is Dead' (Washington DC - 6/13/2005)
'Bone Machine' (Cleveland, Ohio - 6/8/2005)
'No. 13 Baby' (Leeds, England - 8/27/2005)
'Holiday Song' (Raleigh, North Carolina - 6/12/2005)
'I Bleed' (London, England - 6/2/2004)
'Is She Weird?' (Leeds, England - 8/27/2005)
'Caribou' (New York - 12/12/2004)
'Crackity Jones' (Norfolk, Virginia - 12/6/2004)
'Something Against You' (Washington, DC - 12/7/2004)
'Into the White' (Raleigh, North Carolina - 6/12/2005)
'Dead' (New York - 12/11/2005)

Disc Two:

'La La Love You' (Los Angeles, California - 6/2/2005)
'Cactus' (Edinburgh, Scotland - 8/28/2005)
'Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)' (Indianapolis, Indiana - 6/7/2005)
'Mr. Grieves' (Indianapolis, Indiana - 6/7/2005)
'Nimrod's Son' (Washington DC - 12/8/2004)
'Subbaculthcha' (Leeds, England - 8/27/2005)
'Monkey Gone to Heaven' (Denver, Colorado - 6/5/2005)
'Velouria' (Toronto - 7/9/2005)
'Wave Of Mutilation' (San Francisco, California - 5/30/2005)
'U-Mass' (Boston, Massachusetts - 12/9/2004)
'Here Comes Your Man' (Newport, Rhode Island - 8/6/2005)
'Hey' (Dublin, Ireland - 8/23/2005)
'Vamos' (Washington, DC - 12/7/2004)
'Gigantic' (Norfolk, Virginia - 12/6/2004)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Take That's support are announced!

The reunion of Take That is a major music event of 2005. Today, the announcement of the support of Take That, is another important new. Sugababes will be the support for the live gigs of T.T. in big stadiums. Take That will give shows in City of Manchester Stadium at June 17, in Cardiff Millennium Stadium at June 2 and in Wembley Stadium at June 24.

Gary Barlow increased the rumours for the co appearance of Robbie Williams with Take That, as he said that Robbie's answer to their proposals wasn't "no".

Let see what will happen in the next months!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Blur's new album

The fans of Blur, one of the most important brit pop bands, will be happy to hearing that their favourite band will be back with a new record. Blur revealed that they are working on new tracks and they will visit the studio for recordings in the next month.


Bassist Alex James said in BBC6: "It's like a family and you all get together before Christmas and it's great to see everybody, and then after Christmas, Christmas being an album and the album making process this time, and after the album, you're like 'see you next time' through gritted teeth".

Thursday, December 08, 2005

New Arctic Monkeys Single before the release of their LP!

Arctic Monkey succeed to keep the interest of their fans in high level. After selling out all four shows on their brief inaugural American tour, and topping the UK Singles Chart with "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor" just weeks ago, the Monkeys now release a cd single "When the Sun Goes Down", which will come out on both CD and 7" in the UK on January 16, and in America on January 24.

Their Debut LP 'Whatever People Say I Am' is finally released by Domino Records on January 30 in the UK and February 21 in the U.S. The single's tracklist is:


01 When the Sun Goes Down
02 Sticking to the Floor
03 7
01 When the Sun Goes Down
02 Settle for a Draw

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The New Eminem Album is a fact!

Eminem's new album, called Curtain Call was released at 6 December, and it seems that it will be a huge success. Its a 'greatest hits' album with all his hits, that make him a household name and one of the leading mc’s in the rap game.

3 new singles will be included in this album: "When I’m gone", "Fack", "Shake that" feat. Nate Deogg". I have some songs that a lot of people like," commented Eminem. "I have some songs that only I like. This album is obviously for the ’lot’ of people." Eminem has sold over 65 million albums worldwide to date.

Monday, December 05, 2005

SOAD are back with Hypnotize

The metal rockers from Los Angeles are back with a second album in 6 months. After the successfull Mesmerize, the next album called Hypnotize seems to be as successful as its ancestor.

320000 copies of Hypnotize are sold in the first week of its release. Though Mesmerize reached the 450000 copies in its first week, it is clear that the fans of SOAD feed a passion for their favourite group, so they support every new release.

Here is the top 10 list for this week by the music magazine Rolling Stone:

1)System of a Down's Hypnotize
2)Kenny Chesney's The Road and the Radio
3)Now That's What I Call Music! Volume 20
4)Madonna's Confessions on a Dance Floor;
5)Music From and Inspired by Get Rich or Die Tryin';
6)Mariah Carey's The Emancipation of Mimi;
7)Carrie Underwood's Some Hearts;
8)Enya's Amarantine;
9)Juelz Santana's What the Game's Been Missing!;
10)Chamillionaire's The Sound of Revenge.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Details about the new Travis album!

Travis, the amazing Scottish band from Glascow, are ready for their next record! Their fifth album will come to release in a few months. They teamed up with singer KT Tunstall and they are very happy with the result!

Bassist Dougie Payne revealed: "We met (Tunstall) at one of the little club shows we did for the singles collection - the Cavern show in Liverpool. We feel very lucky that she agreed to come in and help us out. She's astonishingly well pitched."

The producer of this album is the well known Nigel Goldrich (he was also producer of Radiohead), who made the production of their previous albums 'The Man Who' and 'The Invisible Band'.

"We've got about 20 songs recorded. It sounds like we've got two albums worth of material," Payne told The Daily Record .

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Top 20 albums/singles for 2005 - Q Magazine

The results of the Q Magazine poll for the best album and single of 2005 give us the same answers for the 2005's best. Coldplay, Oasis, Kaiser Chiefs, Anthony and the Johnsons, Gorillaz, are some of the groups that win the first places.

Coldplay's X&Y is the best album of 2005. Gorillaz and Kaiser Chiefs reached the second and third place. The importance of being idle (amazing track) is the top single for the Q's poll. Let see the list:

X&YTop 20 Albums:

1 Coldplay X&Y
2 Gorillaz Demon Days
3 Kaiser Chiefs Employment
4 Oasis Don't Believe The Truth
5 Bright Eyes I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning
6 James Blunt Back To Bedlam
7 Franz Ferdinand You Could Have It So Much Better
8 Arcade Fire Funeral
9 KT Tunstall Eye To The Telescope
10 Hard-Fi Stars Of CCTV
11 Goldfrapp Supernature
12 Kanye West Late Registration
13 The White Stripes Get Behind Me Satan
14 The Magic Numbers The Magic Numbers
15 Antony & The Johnsons I Am A Bird Now
16 Neil Young Prairie Wind
17 Paul Weller As Is Now
18 Jem Finally Woken
19 Eels Blinking Lights And Other Revelations
20 Bruce Springsteen Devils & Dust

Top 20 Singles:

1 Oasis The Importance Of Being Idle
2 Coldplay Fix You
3 Kaiser Chiefs I Predict A Riot
4 Kaiser Chiefs Oh My God
5 KT Tunstall Black Horse And The Cherry Tree
6 Oasis Lyla
7 Franz Ferdinand Do You Want To
8 Stereophonics Dakota
9 Coldplay Speed Of Sound
10 Hard-Fi Hard To Beat
11 Gorillaz Feel Good Inc
12 Foo Fighters Best Of You
13 Razorlight Somewhere Else
14 The Magic Numbers Forever Lost
15 Bloc Party Banquet
16 Green Day Rebellion (Lies)
17 The Killers Somebody Told Me
18 Arcade Fire Holiday
19 Athlete Wires
20 James Blunt You're Beautiful

Thursday, December 01, 2005

New Belle and Sebastian leaked via internet

The new album of Belle and Sebastian, "Life Persuit", will be released at February 7. But the internet hackers, as usual (see Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes etc), succeeded to steal a new song from the album, called "Another Sunny Day".

Belle and Sebastian

The new song sounds nice, with great vocals and surprisingly wild guitars. The impatience of the fans is huge, but they have to wait except other tracks leak again.. It is the third in a few months that unreleased songs leak.

What will happen in the future?