Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers had an intimate gig in London at Cancas King Cross. Only 300 fans of the group, had the chance to watch them, after a BBC1 radio competition. Red Hot Chili Peppers had a 90 minutes show, where the played 6 new tracks: 'Slow', 'Charlie', 'Call Me Baby', '21st Century', 'Hard To Concentrate' and forthcoming single 'Dani California', from the upcoming album Stadium Arcadium.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers said little from the stage. Superstar singer Anthony Keidis wore a black T-shirt and drunk freequently from a cup of tea, between songs. Bassist Flea said "Don't read magazines and don't watch commercials, they rot your brain - unless its our ipod commercial".

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Here is the setlist of the live show:

Can't Stop
Scar Tissue
Throw Away Your Television
Dani California
Me And My
Other Side
21st Century
Don't Forget Me
Tell Me Baby
Right On Time
Hard To Concentrate
By The Way
Soul To Squeeze
Give It Away

Red Hot Chili Peppers album "Stadium Arcadium" will hit the stores on May 8.


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