Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Radiohead played, yesterday night their second show. Radiohead premiered some new songs, from the upcoming album. Although, previously played on recent shows, the group included 'Open Pick', '15 Step', 'Arpeggi', 'Go Slowly', 'Spooks', 'Bodysnatchers' and 'House Of Cards' in the setlist last night. Of course the classic "Exit Music (For A Film)', 'Airbag', 'Lucky', 'Planet Telex', 'There There' and 'Morning Bell' were also performed. How long should we wait for the new material be a Radiohead album?


Besides Thom Yorke released his solo (?) album (though he insists on not telling that this is a solo album). This is a solution for all the fans of Radiohead till their new album hit the stores.

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